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Body Line Part 2 Trailer – Download Out Now

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Well folks, we finally completed the body line tutorial part 2. The reason I say part 2 is because it is a spin off from the M35 tutorial that was real successful and we received a lot of positive feed back. So there were some questions from the first and I decided to do another one like it but with me narrating it and animating the important parts you should see and take note.

This paintless dent repair tutorial is considered an advance dent repair but all are welcome to purchase if your curiosity sees fit. If you are a beginner, I am not saying it won’t help you but it is best if you go in sequence. Start from the first Episode 1 and follow along from there. I try to keep my tutorials balanced for all types of pdr techs. Beginners, advanced and those who really are curious about the line board the benefit it offers.

I am trying to make this as simple as possible. Now simple is never really used in pdr because it isn’t. My point is that how I explain the process. But don’t worry, I have plenty more video tutorials coming out. Episode 2 should be coming out soon for download and you won’t want to miss out on the knock down technique.

Anyhow, the download is available for $25 and well worth it. Here is the direct link (download info) and as you notice, here is the trailer of the advanced body line part 2


Paintless Dent Repair Training Tutorials Can Be Downloaded at ReconExpress.com

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Here at Dent Time, we are proud to announce to partner up with ReconExpress.com and add our paintless dent repair training tutorials to their site for download.

Beginning in December, we will be releasing a couple of PDR training tutorials. One is about working a dent on a Bentley with a golf ball dent on the fender. The other downloadable video is a soft ball size dent on the corner of a quarter panel.

We will be also releasing the PDR Basic Line Board Manual for download as well! No paying for shipping or waiting! Straight to your computer in an instant!

Menawhile check out our pdr dent repair training tutoriral trailer that will be ready for download very soon. Go to ReconExpress.com for available downloads and titles.


Big Dent Demo

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