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I Love What I Do – That’s It.

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With today’s fast changing auto reconditioning market, it’s important I keep my website current for all type of users, visitors and potential customers. I have been working on the new Dent Time site in the back end (Not Released Yet) for awhile now and I think I finally like what I have been doing. Very dynamic but not as flashy as my current site. Functionality is my goal and not too busy.

My direction that I am going with Dent Time will be a combination of my other sites I have built. Training downloads, products to purchase, videos and a full paid membership page that users can watch exclusive videos about pdr training. I don’t have a release date set yet. I know better to do that to myself.

People ask me if I have a team of people that create my websites, produce my videos, design my ads, do my marketing and run my company? The answer “was” yes 3 years ago. The answer today is NO. Why? Because nobody on a consistent bases could have the passion about how I wanted my company to look, act and represent better than myself. Now sure, I can still hire a team of people to take over my tasks of everything and give myself more time to just sit around and do nothing.. But it’s not about that. It’s about “I love what I do.” I love to fix dents, I love to market my own company, I love to produce and edit my own videos, I love to create my own websites and I just love what I do.. PERIOD. I can’t help it.

My belief is if you are not passionate about what you do in regards to any job or business you own, then get out. Your wasting your time. Learn to be creative, learn to learn and you will grow. A business is not just about making money.. it’s only a tool. Until most people get that meaning, they will always constantly battle the up and down motivations. You just have to ask yourself one question.. Do I love what I do?

Bumper Repair New Intro (Rough Draft)

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We are currently working on a new bumper repair videos for our sister division BumperTime.com but needed to create an intro. This is the rough draft so far.

We’re excited because we have some real informative plastic bumper and key scratch repair videos coming out soon. As always we want it to be interesting and not just another bland bumper repair video.


New Sister Web Site for Dent Time Launched “Dent Repair San Diego”

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We recently launched another sister automotive reconditioning web site called “Dent Repair San Diego” www.DentRepairSanDiego.com This site has actually been existing for over 3 years but we decided to give it a serious makeover.

Our goal was to create an even better and more exciting site than our official web site DentTime.com Although Dent Time still has it’s flavor, we really like our new look for Dent Repair San Diego. It has all the goodies needed to give our customers what they are looking for. And that is called, “answers.” We provide lots of video and we mean lots. From individual showcasing to a video gallery hosted by Youtube, there is always some sort of entertainment regarding the San Diego Dent Time automotive reconditiong services.

Our next goal was to educate but not ovewhelm. We wanted to keep it informative but not too busy. A blanced web site was what we were focused on. Clutter on a site can really kill the eyes and influece the visitor to click off right away. But with that in mind, we created each page to have it’s own feel. Some had more info than others but as I mentioned earlier, we kept our site balanced.

From paintless dent removal (PDR) to bumper and wheel repair, this web site is totally built for intrest. We plan to add more pages and articles as the site gets bigger. But as for now, we are actually still concentrating on the existing pages and polishing up the site. So bare with us, it’s considered still under construction.

We hope you like the site and if you would like to comment or give us some input, please do.


Not Your Average Dent – Advanced Paintless Dent Repair

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This video was created for demonstration purposes on just how big of a dent we can remove. Obviously PDR has come a long way. But we must keep in mind, cars that were made 15-20 years ago were like tanks! The gage of the sheet metal was thicker and dents these big were mainly caused from minor car accidents. Not just a slight bump or someone falling against the panel. These days, the sheet metal on a car are super thin and protected by basically a roll cage and impact beams from inside.

Now still, the thinner the sheet metal, that hard to work with. Picture holding a beer can and squishing it half way with your hand. Now see how easy or challenging it would be to un-wrinkle and smooth out the dent. It won’t be easy. Just like the video you see now is not easy.

PDR is an art. It takes time, patience and experience to consistently perform quality repairs at this level. You might even be surprised that even taking out a nickel to quarter size dings take incredible skill as well. Some are deep, some are in bad locations and some are on aluminum panels. For the worse, all of the above can happen. Finishing is the essence. In some cases, it can take 6 months to a year to consistently perform PDR at a professional level. Bigger dents can take longer.

Training is obviously important. The longer the better. Building muscle memory, eye-hand coordination and soaking up the techniques are what builds the learning curvature much quicker. I personally train my students 4 weeks in most cases. For some I break it up in two 2 week sessions. Mainly some can not afford to be away from a current job or can not afford the 4 weeks all together. For more info, please visit our training page

For those who are thinking about using PDR to remove your unwanted dings and dents, you must choose a company with experience. Price obviously can be an issue but in the end, the quality of the repair will matter most. So before you decide to go with a company who might save you $10, $20 or even $30, do your homework and see who’s good. Besides, you only have one factory finish. If you have any questions, give us a call 800.420.3368 or visit us at denttime.com

Toyota Tundra Paintless Dent Repair – San Diego|North County

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Paintless Dent Repair is a Challenge but here at Dent Time, we make it an Adventure!

San Diego/North County PDR -On this dent we were able to pop most of the dent out without creating an oil can effect in the beginning. Lots of patience, knocking down and correct reading of the reflection. To some this might have seemed easy but it wasn’t. Lots of hidden crowns and tapping to do as well. I guess though, if we make our PDR repairs seem easy, then I guess we’ve done more than just a good job. That comes with the territory. It’s unfortunate the only people who appreciate and acknowledge craftsmanship are people who are related in the field or who understand this PDR technique takes years to master. It’s too bad, most people think price before quality. What they don’t realize is, quality will always be their ever lasting concern in the end.


About the video. We like to have fun filming and editing the videos. We always like to share our experiences when ever we can and have the time. This video has a little bit of everything. Special effects, humor and a little testimonial. We enjoy serving our customers and watching their reaction when they see their vehicle restored back to brand new condition. I guess yu could say self satisfaction is what drives us to be the best we can be. Not because we have to but because we want to! We take an everyday dent and put some excitement into our everyday job.

Serving San Diego/North County Including: La Jolla, UTC, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, 4S Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Carmel Mountain, Poway, Scripps Ranch, Sorrento Valley, Mira Mar, Mira Mesa, Santee, Tierra Santa, Mission Valley, Fashion Valley, Linda Vista, Clairmont Mesa, Kearny Mesa, North Park, Hillcrest, Downtown, Sports Arena, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Old Town, University City, Kensington, College Area, La Mesa, El Cajon, Lakeside, Spring Valley, National City, Chula Vista, Bonita, Imperial Beach, Lemon Grove, Coronado. North County : Solana Beach, San Marcos, Encinitas, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, Fallbrook, Bonsall, Leucadia, Cardiff, La Costa

Big Dent Demo

Paintless dent removal is a delicate process and demands the best experience at all times. Dent Time offers true practical knowledge and takes tremendous pride in our work.

We have established a strong reputation for being the best at what we do. We don't cut corners when it comes to the integrity of your vehicle and more importantly the quality of your repair. Our service is fast, affordable and done right, on-site with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. 1-858-699-2054

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