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Ok here’s the deal. One of my accounts (Lusti Motors) had one of their already sold X3 serviced at a local BMW dealer for warranty work. Meanwhile during service, the BMW dealer damaged the front end and side door. There was an attempt to repair the right door that initially had 2 dents across the body line. As you will see, their attempt was not very successful with their own pdr guy.

There are 3 factors for a successful pdr repair.
-tools used

This panel ( the dent that has been chewed up) was worked with too sharp of a tool and that is why you see pock marks an cracked paint. I managed to save the panel but again, I have to mention it’s so important to choose a pdr company based on their experience and not just because you want a cheap price. You only have one chance to have your dent removed proper. After that opportunity is gone, you will have to either live with it or go to a costly body shop.

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-Myke Toledo