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ML PDR Dent Repair part 2

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Dent turned out well. Panel was painted before which made the repair more challenging by knocking down. Had to use thick rubber tap down tips to prevent tap down pits into the paint.

Location:Jacob Dekema Fwy,San Diego,United States

Full Version Bentley Dent Repair Video / Glue Pull

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Hey everyone, I finally finished cutting my own video. I have been busy creating a lot of other companies video and had a quick chance to work on my own. Anyhow, here is the finished PDR glue pull Bentley Brooklands dent repair.

I was in a hurry to finish the video and did not specify the time. It took about an hour to repair. I had to be very accurate with knocking down so I could avoid tap down pits. All in all, it came out very well. I hope you like my sense of humor as well. I like to bring my childhood memories into my videos once in awhile.

So if you happen to be a Bentley owner and are in San Diego, Orange County or LA, give us a call, we’ll be glad to remove your dent without removing your paint. Contact us at 800-420-DENT(3368) or email us from our website at www.denttime.com


Big Dent Demo

Paintless dent removal is a delicate process and demands the best experience at all times. Dent Time offers true practical knowledge and takes tremendous pride in our work.

We have established a strong reputation for being the best at what we do. We don't cut corners when it comes to the integrity of your vehicle and more importantly the quality of your repair. Our service is fast, affordable and done right, on-site with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. 1-858-699-2054

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