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Aussie PDR Bloody Glue Tabs Variety (Smooth) with Glue Pull Video (Download)

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If you need a strong pull or snap, you are looking at one of the best glue tabs we have used. You’ll get a strong, stiff pull. Perfect for pulling out those stubborn deeper dings that demand a dominate lift. You’ll get 8 pieces total. 4 round smooth tabs and 4 oval smooth tabs.

Quick tip: Start out using a small amount of glue. Don’t over apply glue. Glue should not drip over edge before applying. And one last thing.. DON’T BURN YOURSELF. 🙂

With your purchase (limited time offer) you’ll get this free 25 minute basic glue pull video as a download. This glue pull video demonstrates the pulling power these tabs offer. You’ll also see in 1080P high definition techniques that help you stay consistent for getting those stubborn dents out.

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