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Ride a Long Preview Honda Element

Today was a good day. I did another Ride a Long video for YouTube but it won’t be out anytime soon because I did a couple other ones that will be released prior to the Honda Element dent repair.

This repair really kicked my butt though. The hardest part was getting the dent to release close from the edge. Also Honda metal is so frigin light that it’s like trying to push a dent out of a beer can. Just when I think I got it nice and even, there is high spot. I go to knock it down and now it’s low and wavy.

One of my techniques I do is look at the dent across with my face planted against the panel. I can tell how straight and wavy the dent is and still work on it at the same time. Technically that is how every dent repair should be performed in my opinion. Stay eye level and push or knock down.

I started with a using a glue pulling system (slide hammer, Atlas and Worth glue tabs) to pull up most of the impact. Then switch to a soft tip tool amd finished with a sharper tip. The total repair took almost 3 hours. Look for this video to be released next month sometime. Meanwhile here is a sneak peek at the before and after.

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