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This video was created for demonstration purposes on just how big of a dent we can remove. Obviously PDR has come a long way. But we must keep in mind, cars that were made 15-20 years ago were like tanks! The gage of the sheet metal was thicker and dents these big were mainly caused from minor car accidents. Not just a slight bump or someone falling against the panel. These days, the sheet metal on a car are super thin and protected by basically a roll cage and impact beams from inside.

Now still, the thinner the sheet metal, that hard to work with. Picture holding a beer can and squishing it half way with your hand. Now see how easy or challenging it would be to un-wrinkle and smooth out the dent. It won’t be easy. Just like the video you see now is not easy.

PDR is an art. It takes time, patience and experience to consistently perform quality repairs at this level. You might even be surprised that even taking out a nickel to quarter size dings take incredible skill as well. Some are deep, some are in bad locations and some are on aluminum panels. For the worse, all of the above can happen. Finishing is the essence. In some cases, it can take 6 months to a year to consistently perform PDR at a professional level. Bigger dents can take longer.

Training is obviously important. The longer the better. Building muscle memory, eye-hand coordination and soaking up the techniques are what builds the learning curvature much quicker. I personally train my students 4 weeks in most cases. For some I break it up in two 2 week sessions. Mainly some can not afford to be away from a current job or can not afford the 4 weeks all together.

For those who are thinking about using PDR to remove your unwanted dings and dents, you must choose a company with experience. Price obviously can be an issue but in the end, the quality of the repair will matter most. So before you decide to go with a company who might save you $10, $20 or even $30, do your homework and see who’s good. Besides, you only have one factory finish. If you have any questions, give us a call 800.420.3368.