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Dent Olympics 2010 / Paintless Dent Repair / Removal PDR Competition

My name is Myke Toledo and a couple of friends of mine who also own their own pdr companies got together and went off to Clearwater, Florida for the International Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Dent Olympics. I decided to film the event and do a little bit of a report of what goes on. Even though I did not compete, the competition was harder than it appears especially when you have a crowd staring at every push you do. The competition was very good and not surprising, I saw the same finalists I did three years ago. It’s no fluke these guys are consistently back again and my hats off to them. They were good. Just goes to show you, there are a lot of other great techs in this world, not to mention humble as well.

I did not get a chance to interview a couple of other notable techs who was head coordinating the PDR Dent Olympics which persons were; Terry Siegal and Troy Tarpley. Not to mention, both very good and talented pdr techs. Terry who has been running the PDR Olympics for some time now was a little busy for an interview because he was in a tight decision about who was going to be the Dent Olympic Champion. Troy, has also won this even himself a couple of times and decided to let someone else win for a change and do some judging as well.

This event is very fun and the guys (At least I met) were professional, humble and passionate about the industry of paintless dent repair. As mentioned, I was editing a video about the event and below was the outcome. I hope you enjoy my video “short” documentary. I would like to do more of these but only if time allows. I am way behind on my dvd tutorials. So I better get a move on.. take care and thanks for reading and watching. Oh and if you would like, please comment and let me know what ya think, good or bad..

-Myke Toledo


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